Thinking About Selling Your Land?

At Waterfront Group we endeavor to make the process of land acquisition as pleasant and easy as possible for the landowner. We believe that conducting business is done best when each transaction is framed in the context of a win-win scenario; that is, both the buyer and seller are pleased with both the final details of the transaction and the process that led them there.

We know that to many, selling land can seem overwhelming, whether they are selling a tract of land that has been in the family for generations or it was purchased as an investment a year ago or ten years ago. Therefore, we work hard to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Once a landowner contacts us about selling a tract of land we assess the land in a timely manner and indicate our level of interest. When we agree on a price and sign a purchase agreement we expedite the due diligence process with the intention of a timely and uneventful closing. Most real estate tracts that we purchase require little or no involvement from the landowner; in fact, in most instances the seller’s involvement is limited to signing a deed and depositing a check.

If you are considering the sale of a special tract of land we hope you will consider Waterfront Group as your buyer. We believe that you will find the experience both pleasant and profitable. Please fill out the Contact Form Below to get in touch with us about your property.